Fluency of shape, proportion, harmony of colors, balanced form, rhythm and diversity of structure is expressed in the objects and spaces that we design. We care about detail and sophisticated taste of our works, so that their shapes and usability combine into one thing – Beauty. The handicraft and artistic nature of the Studio plus reliability and comprehensive performance of design themes build a unique offer, addressed both to individual and business Customers.

Informal Creative Team SPLOT Studio is one of the few design studios on the Polish market that skillfully combines fine arts with design and artistic handicraft. The diversity of designing areas is a proof of a rich product offer and the uniqueness of the proposed works and assignments taken up, without limitations on the part of workmanship technique. In our work we follow high aesthetic criteria, the Investor’s needs and wishes. We design with care about detail and sophisticated taste, approaching each task as a piece of art. The Studio’s offer is directed both to individual and business customers.

Due to the handicraft nature of the studio, we offer customized products and limited versions. We create drawing, painting or artistic handicraft as support to the individual nature, stylization and interior decoration elements, both private and public. We also offer arranging packages comprising both the interior architecture design and individual workmanship of the design additions, combining the artistic and craftsmanship elements in them. The cooperation scope includes: professional consulting, development of conceptual and executive designs and proprietary supervision.

In the scope of the art of arranging exhibitions, scenography and modeling, we specifically invite institutions of culture and art as well as business people sensitive to the aesthetics of shop windows. A well designed and interesting exhibition is an opportunity for cultural institutions for taking up educational measures. It also is a guarantee of marketing recognizability and a showcase of a conscious entrepreneur. Following the idea, we have also created an offer of dedicated products with which we wish to support cultural and local government institutions, and, in particular, Polish entrepreneurs by way of "good style marketing".

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